Limo Bus

$100 Deposit


Reserve Now for $100




The $100 deposit is to hold and reserve the Limo. It is refundable as long as there is no damage. Rental price is to be paid in advanced or upon arrival Pricing:

Up to 15 passengers-

$190 per hr. for 1 hour

$150 per hr. for 2 hours

$140 per hr. for 3 hours

over 15 passengers-

$230 per hr for 1 hour

$190 per hr for 2 hours or more

For limos out of town – Time will start from the moment the driver leaves the parking lot.

example: If they want it in Ulysses  from 2 to 4 the time will be from 1 to 5. Driver leaves at 1 and arrives in Ulysses at 2 then leaves Ulysses at 4 and arrives back

at the store at 5.